CAMLT’s lobbying efforts preserve and enhance California clinical laboratory professional’s careers, higher salaries and benefits. This representation is also for the benefit of patients within California.


CAMLT is the only association representing clinical laboratory professionals that directly funds a lobbying firm to be the voice for California clinical laboratory professionals before the California state legislature and government.


CAMLT provides low cost memberships with exceptional value!


CAMLT's directly funded lobbyist specifically focuses on protecting the value of licensure and high laboratory personnel standards in California – ensuring better patient care, career integrity, earning power and job security.

Continuing Education

CAMLT provides low cost continuing education with content tailored to California laboratory professionals and live licensing exam preparation classes.

Grants & Scholarships

CAMLT provides grants and scholarships specifically for clinical laboratory scientists, medical laboratory technicians and phlebotomists working in the State of California.

Who has your back?

Who has your back? Since 1939, CAMLT has supported California laboratory professionals, please click here to join CAMLT and help us continue the fight!


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North Hollywood Seminars March 19 & 20

Twelve CEU tradition!  Earn up to 12 CEUs by attending CAMLT’s Spring Seminar Series South at Kaiser Regional Laboratory, North Hollywood. Titles include:  1) Terms and Conditions of Competency and Training; 2) Assays: To Make or Buy?; 3) Implementation of Anti-Xa in Heparin Monitoring; 4) Hemoglobins and Hb A1c: What They Are and How to Catch Them; 5) Natriuretic Peptides and Troponin; 6) Hormone Feedback Loops – Special Focus with Thyroid Disease.  For more information and how to register click…

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CAMLT needs your expertise. Volunteer today!

Your commitment to continue – or newly volunteer – to be an active member of a CAMLT committee, or as a CAMLT representative, is needed to ensure continued success of our professional organization.  By participating in one of these roles, you will develop in-depth knowledge of the important work that our committees perform, develop leadership skills, and increase your networking opportunities with colleagues across the state.  Ready to volunteer? If you have questions, please contact us by email at…

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Is Cancer Contagious? Not really…

Can you catch cancer? With the recent developments of immunotherapy for certain kinds of cancer, it would seem that perhaps cancer is somehow contagious. It’s not. Germs that cause illnesses like the flu or the common cold are very different than cancer cells. While some forms of cancer do happen as the result of a virus, like HPV and cervical cancer, that doesn’t mean that cancer is spread via those germs. The viral infection of HPV does not always lead…

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