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Membership Signup or Renewal

CAMLT has Membership Categories to accommodate membership of all who express interest in supporting the organization.  Please read below for eligibility in each category.

Professional:  $120 Annually

An individual who:

  1. Holds a license or certification in a clinical laboratory profession issued by the California Department of Health Services; or
  2. Holds a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and is eligible to sit for a CDHS-approved license examination; or
  3. Holds a Masters or Doctorate degree in science, education or administration and is actively employed in clinical laboratory science

Associate: $75 Annually

An individual who has an interest in the field of clinical laboratory science and/or in supporting the purposes or goals of CAMLT, but is not otherwise eligible to be a Professional member.

Student: $10 Annually

An individual who possesses a valid training license from Laboratory Field Services or who is enrolled in an LFS-approved program leading to licensing as a CLS or MLT, or certification as a CPT.  Students at accredited universities or colleges that lead to eligibility for licensure or certification from LFS are also eligible to join as student members.

Lifetime: $1250 (One-Time)

Meets Professional member requirements and submits the one-time membership fee (10x annual dues + $50).

20/20 Option: $20 Annually

An additional $20 payment at the time of registration/renewal (per year) entitles the member to a 20% discount on CAMLT state-sponsored C.E. fees for the year (not applicable to Distance Learning).

Online Membership or Renewal - Instant Access

Membership Category Register Now! Register Plus 20/20
Professional Member Professional: $120 Professional 20/20: $140
Associate Member Associate: $75 Associate 20/20: $95
Student Membership Student: $10 No 20/20 Option
Lifetime Membership Lifetime Member: $1250 Lifetime 20/20: $1270

Offline Membership or Renewal (via mail)

If you would like to register using another payment method or via mail, please use our printable PDF registration form or contact the office using our details at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to check out our Membership Page for more info on the many benefits of becoming a CAMLT member!

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