California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology (CAMLT) enhances clinical laboratory professions through public policy advocacy, education, and member services.

CAMLT's Code of Ethics

As laboratory professionals and members of the California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology we:

  • Hold that our primary duty is to the patient community.
  • Keep inviolate the trust placed in us by patient and physician, treating as confidential all information obtained.
  • Pledge to uphold and strive to improve laws and regulations affecting public health with particular emphasis upon those relating to medical laboratory technology and medical laboratories.
  • Endeavor to conduct our professional lives with dignity and integrity, recognizing that the entire profession and this Association are judged by our actions.
  • Stand unified in order to maintain high academic standards for laboratory professionals.
  • Accept responsibility for maintaining high ethical practices of our fellow members by cooperating with this Association and any pertinent regulatory agencies in the investigation, counsel or expulsion of violators.
  • Encourage people of high moral character and intellect to enter this field.
  • Maintain a vital interest in updating Clinical Laboratory Science curricula through cooperation with institutions of higher learning, in order to develop programs which meet the needs of the constantly changing healthcare environment.
  • Assume responsibility in our professional interaction with students for their training and ethical guidance.
  • Acknowledge our responsibility to interact with other health professionals.
  • Are supportive of this Association, its ideals and programs.
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